Ganea Honey is a World Unique Honey Production Company, with over 50, 000 beehives spread over the territory of 3 countries, and its own unique plants fields.

We decided to establish the processing plant in Andorra, although we source our honey from far away:  Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and Moldova to join soon.

So Why Andorra?

We decided to join the ranks of the cleanest and most environmental friendly industries in the world.

Zero Emissions - Andorra has almost no production industry, except a few wineries. Thus, the industrial emissions into the atmosphere are close to zero. We also love its development strategy to totally switch to electrical transport in the near future.  

Spring Waters - located at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level, our production is using spring water for its needs, due to the lack of running waters at this altitude. The highest quality drinking water, compared to San Pellegrino, is used in our plant to wash the honey jars, to fill them later with the finest honey.


Replace Sugar

Our main aim is to fully replace sugar consumption with a healthy alternative- the Honey. Besides the well-known harmful effect of sugar for the human body, one of the most critical ones in the latest years is the child obesity.

We target high, but we believe we can have our contribution!

Fight diabetes

Offer all diabetes suffering patient a healthy and accessible alternative. Since the number of diabetes affected patients is growing yearly, by introducing honey into their daily diet, we would like to offer them not only a safe alternative to the forbidden sugar, but also improve the quality of their lives, as honey is known for it’s boost of energy and healing effects.

Make Pure Honey Accessible

One of our lifetime dreams is to make honey accessible to all countries: poor and rich. As many countries cannot have access to pure honey nowadays, they find and purchase adulterated honey, honey with a high ratio of sugar syrup or other substances, that harm its consumers.

By using new production technologies, logistics, we would like to give the opportunity to any country in the world, to any citizen of this world, to enjoy a jar pure honey spoon every morning!


“A new brand on the market is always a lot of hopes, efforts, disappointments, labors and ... victories. I have mastered only a few of the business books in my life, and 90% are dismissed right after the first pages, as their theorists mostly write or simply those who retell the successes of others, but a person will never teach you how to do business if he doesn’t talk about how he ate initially. * So, in essence, you will learn everything from the outside world and understanding of real needs.

And, creating a new brand, we clearly understood that nobody needs you. There is no such thing that we came to the very first network, and we were kissed, they gave us money, they shipped a couple of trucks and there is a line for the goods before the store opens. Initially, even if you really were able to create the best product on the market, you will make your way from the bottom, gradually pushing your competitors, you should not forget that they also understand this, and, at a minimum, will quickly adopt your best mechanisms. So, you should have everything and always thought out a couple of steps forwards.

This is the first time I am selling honey in jars, and so far I don’t understand what mechanisms will make it the most popular in the world, but this is the task, and we will continue to (I’d like to say “by typing,” but I won’t) use all kinds of mechanisms for getting onto the shelf and to the basket of the final buyer.

You already know that honey is produced in Andorra, and here we have one advantage: more than 9 million tourists visit the country every year, despite the fact that the country's population is 70 thousand. And this means that the country lives in tourism, has a huge network of hotels. And yes, it is, there are 50,000 hotel rooms in the country. So how do you get into each? After all, we all went to breakfasts in hotels, and we know that honey is a mandatory attribute. Now we need to make it so that it is your honey."

Igor Ganea